About Me

I'm a Genetic Genealogist, consultant, editor, blogger, researcher and family historian. My interests include biogeographical ancestry analyses, cultural anthropology, genetic genealogy, genomics, history, journalism, law and population genetics. I also enjoy making genetic genealogy understandable to the layperson. I got my start in 2012 as the alter-ego "King Genome" on 23andMe's online genealogy forum. Since then my work and opinions are frequently cited in dedicated social media forums and such repositories as the Tennessee Genealogical Society. My blog has been voted of the Top 50 best sites for genetic genealogists (2017) and is listed on the ISOGG Wiki Genetic Genealogy Mailing List. I appear in LiveScience.com;  the James Beard Award-winning memoir, "The Cooking Gene" (HarperCollins 2017) by culinary historian Michael Twitty; and journalist Libby Copeland's "The Lost Family: How DNA Testing Is Uplending Who We Are." Myersonal goals include combining the genealogical paper trail, anecdotal history and DNA evidence to tell a more succinct story about my own genetic ancestral roots. I'm open to exploring ALL of my genetic inheritance, regardless of ethnicity, race, culture, religion, nationality or biogeography.
My professional background is in journalism, a career that taken me to MTV Networks; The New York Post; Giant magazine; New York City Fashion Week; Black Enterprise magazine; Star magazine; The Roland Show; The Wall Street Transcript; Krebs Media Corporation; City News Publishing; Kensington Publishing Co.; The Bond Buyer daily newspaper and Junko Yoshioka fashion. I was also Chief Operations Officer and General Manager for VIP Concierge Inc. My experiences have allowed me to cross paths with many people, places, things - with plenty of A-list events for good measure. I have a B.A. in Journalism and African-American Studies from Rutgers University.

You may contact me at: KingGenomebyTLDixon@gmail.com.


  1. No advanced degree in genetics? So I guess we have to depend on your personal opinion on these companies. What happened to African Ancestry Inc? They test your Y and mtDNA and provide specific ethnic groups and have the largest African DNA database in the DNA testing industry.

  2. THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THIS BLOG! It is proving immensely helpful and enlightening. Your efforts are so much appreciated :-)

  3. Greetings, Mr. Dixon,
    My name is Willetta Calvin and I believe that we are distant cousins. I am also adopted and just recently as one week received my dna reports from 23andme. Yes, all of this very confusing to me. I have reached out to several cousins and came across one, who directed me to your link. Would you be able to assist me with learning my heritage?
    Warmest Regards,
    Willetta Calvin
    BTW, I am on FB under Willetta Hill Calvin (Smiley) or by email at willicalvin68@gmail.com