Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Genealogical DNA Testing AFFORDABLE Again


The "Big-3" DTC DNA companies (23andMe, AncestryDNA and FamilyTreeDNA) now offer autosomal DNA testing (ethnicity admixture and genetic relative matching) at affordable prices again. Finally. I believe competition is great because it allows those of us serious about genetic genealogy and adoptees to fish in all the big ponds. That's right, you should be testing at all three of these companies for a full-circle experience. Don't listen to the biased agenda-mongers because these tests are totally worth it. Your budget may allow you to do only one test at a time, but still plan to test at all three even it takes a year or two. (For an in-depth analysis on what each of these DTC DNA tests have to offer, you can read my "Best DNA Tests For..." blogs here and here.) I have all three listed here (in alphabetical order):

23andMe is now offering an ancestry-only test (includes autosomal-DNA testing; mitochondrial-DNA and Y-DNA haplogroup predictions; Neanderthal testing, and raw data) at its former low price of $99 ... Order here.

AncestryDNA is normally $99 but can be ordered anytime for $79 by using one of these methods below:

via DNA Testing Advisor: 
1. Click this link first: This gives [DNA Testing Advisor] credit for the referral. Don't worry that the price will still show as $99.
2. Click this link second: This opens an order form where you enter your contact information or sign in if you already have an Ancestry account. On the next page you will see the $79 price. Enter the number of kits you wish to order and continue.

via Facebook group DNA Detectives:
Please join Facebook group DNA Detectives here and then visit the PINNED POST at the top of the page where you will see instructions to order at the $79 price. 

FamilyTreeDNA lowered its FamilyFinder test from $99 to $79 ... Order here.


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