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Welcome to my new conceptual blog series, Admixture Centrifuge, where I unravel your genetic ancestry (colloquially known as "ethnicity admixture") to tell a more succinct story about your genealogical roots. This series was inspired by my helping hundreds (if not thousands) of people make common sense of their DNA results. According to Harvard chemist and genetic expert Dr. Doug McDonald, my admixture interpretations are "reasonable but too detailed." This is not a bad thing:
Let's face it, many consumers LOVE their genetic admixture results. Of course many genetic genealogists pan them as astrology and mythology since they are just mathematical and statistical probabilities based on genomic affinity to a controlled data set and limited, but evolving science. After all you can only find your true genetic admixture by vetting your genetic relatives from populations with verifiable genealogies and strong biogeographical pedigrees, but even these populations may be more admixed than expected. Yet I believe ethnicity admixture tests do have some value, especially when applied synergistically to your family genealogy. Moreover we often descend from numerous ancestries and have inherited DNA contributions from multiple biogeographical populations, often challenging  our perceptions, preconceived notions and social constructs about our ethnic, cultural, and genetic identity. DNA can also contradict even the best paper-trails. As such my interpretations are purely speculative and based on the quality and quantity of information you report.Therefore it is imperative that you're mindful of jumping to conclusions and making assumptions based on my analyses. To this extent my analyses are only interpretations and not a true biogeographical analysis, which is usually performed by population and computational geneticists, citizen scientists and other genetic experts who supervise and manipulate algorithm programs to analyze your genomic raw data. However I strive to make sure my analyses are consistent with current genetic genealogy standards and ethics, which you can read about here. Many people have found my interpretations to be spot-on, and I hope you will too. 
[See Submission Requirements following list of blog links.]

Here is a list of my Admixture Centrifuge blogs: 
1. Admixture Centrifuge: Cherokee DNA 

Submission Requirements:
NOTE: Submissions are currently CLOSED until further notice. However some requests may be rarely granted on a case-by-case basisE-mail all inquiries and files to

(1) Your inquiry, questions and any family or genealogical information you can provide. Please be specific and thorough.
(2) Ethnic Admixture results from the company that produced your raw data i.e., FamilyTreeDNA, National Genographic, TribeCode, etc. Note: results must include your Ancestry Composition Percentages and CHROMOSOME PAINTING [if possible].
(3) With calculators: Dodecad World9, Eurogenes K13, MDLP World-22, MDLP K23b, Eurogenes K36 and HarappaWorld. NOTE: Post only ethnic admixture percentages (and optional chromosome paintings). Do NOT send ethnicity pie-graphs WITHOUT admixture percentages.
(4) Other acceptable results include Doug McDonald Biogeographical Analysis; DNA Tribes SNP analysis (44 Regional clusters, Native & Diasporic Populations); James Lick Mt-Haplogroup analysis tool, DNA.Land, various PCA tools and any other reputable personal genome service, test or utility.

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