TL Dixon’s Family History & Genetic Genealogy Book Project

TL Dixon’s Family History & Genetic Genealogy Book Project, Phase 1

Dear Family,

As of January 1, 2018, I’m officially embarking on the biggest project of my life — writing a book about my genetic ancestry. As a genetic genealogist, blogger and family historian, my objective is to  create a legacy for future generations to enjoy and a genealogical repository for the public to study.  Heretofore I’ve been gathering evidence on my ancestors, but now I need YOUR HELP with PHASE 1 of my project: Deep Research and Information Gathering. Please consider assisting me in one or  more ways as follows:   
(1) PHOTOGRAPHS: I need photographs of our ancestors starting with my grandparent’s generation. Photographs do NOT have to be original but must be high-quality image/copy. NOTE: Photos will NOT be shared on social media or online. Credit will be given to photograph owners.

(2) STORIES: I need oral stories, traditions and histories of our ancestors. This can be achieved through personal interviews or your written submissions.

(3) RECORDS: I need family (baptismal, bible) and civil records (manumission, property; marriage/death certificates), war files, newspaper clippings, etc, pertaining to our ancestors. Photocopies are fine.

(4) NAMES: I’m seeking to build the most accurate family tree possible so I need names of our deceased ancestors, such as my grandparent’s siblings etc. Living persons will only be listed by numbers or other non-identifying information unless expressed permission is granted by that living person to list his/her name(s).

(5) DNA TESTING: The more family members test the more we learn about our genetic roots and begin to find those missing links to our past. Due to budget constraints I can only test certain relatives for FREE. If interested please send me an inquiry to see if you qualify.

Please send all submissions and inquiries to or ... Thanks for your help.

NOTE: If you wish to financially support my genetic genealogy and research project, please consider
donating by using PayPal. ... If you also have a Paypal account, once you sign in just use the following e-mail address to make your donation. If you don't have a FREE Paypal account, please sign up here or contact me for alternative method. Thanks so much for your support.

TL Dixon

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