Thursday, June 25, 2015

PBS "First Peoples" (All 5 Episodes)

A great new documentary series from PBS investigating arrival of first humans in Africa, Americas, Asia, Australia & Europe. Based on the latest Archaeology and DNA research, this is must-watch TV. Premieres Wednesday, June 24, 2015 at 9/8c.  (See links to all five episodes/videos below)


1) First Peoples: AFRICA

2) First Peoples: AMERICAS

3) First Peoples: ASIA

4) First Peoples: AUSTRALIA

5) First Peoples: EUROPE

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

TribeCode's Newest Features ... Check it out...

Just sharing new DNA company TribeCode's recent announcements on Facebook ... Yes they are actually listening to their customers! ... Enjoy...


From FaceBook: Hey TribeCode Facebook fans! We have just released a new feature, Melting Pot Timeline (6/17/15) 
Melting Pot Timeline reveals even more detail about your ancestry by unlocking the admixture within each population of your ethnicity composition. Using sophisticated data analysis algorithms, Melting Pot Timeline maps the expansion of founding populations from about 1300 BCE to 1900 CE to uncover their contribution to admixture around the world.

By selecting a population in your ethnicity composition pie chart, you will see the admixture within that specific population as well as any historical event during the same time period that would have influenced populations to migrate.

To access Melting Pot Timeline, hover your cursor over Experimental Features within the My Ancestry drop-down menu and select Melting Pot Timeline. Select the DNA or question mark icons for details on how to navigate the feature and interpret the results.

Questions or Feedback? Send us an email to

2. Hello GERMANY, and new European population update to TribeCode's Ethnicity Composition

For the past few months, our team has been working hard to build upon our reference database to broaden the representation of global populations. We are very excited to share with you that we have expanded our reference data to include a more detailed characterization of European populations.

The additional reference data has been applied to every customer’s results and is reflected under the European Panel within Ethnicity Composition. This new panel has been added to give customers with high levels of European ancestry a more detailed and higher resolution view of their DNA ancestry. Specific populations referenced include German, Irish, Dutch and more.

Non-European ethnicity is shown as “Other” in this panel. For Non-European ancestry, you will see a more detailed view of your results on the Ethnicity Composition page.

We greatly appreciate your patience as we continue to build our reference data and improve our algorithms. We hope that this increases your satisfaction with your TribeCode results. For more detail on the European Panel, check out our latest post on Drum Beat! Please contact us if you have questions.