Thursday, August 31, 2017

Hurricane Harvey Family and Friends

Hi Family and Friends, 

Hurricane Harvey has devastated Texas and Louisiana, and unfortunately a lot of my Houston family, friends, loved ones and clients became victims of the flood waters. Some were stuck in their homes and had to be rescued, while others are in shelters but have no idea what to do now. They lost everything. I have at least 10 family members in Houston, including three nieces and a first cousin all with young children who need our help badly, as well extended family and friends. One of my nieces and her children moved from New Orleans to Houston after surviving Hurricane Katrina only to go through the same tragedy again. (The photo below shows the view from my niece's apartment). 

Although there are such emergency programs as FEMA, Red Cross and other disaster relief efforts around, my family and friends were not successful in receiving their help, which is a common story. So I had to do something to help in a transparent manner. As such I've started this Fundraiser in good faith to gather my unaffected family and friends to help our affected family and friends recover. So if you can find it in your heart to help please visit: Hurricane Harvey Family and Friends

God Bless You All & the Victims of Hurricane Harvey, 
TL Dixon

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